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8 Weeks at De Aston School

Ex-footballer and Aspire 2 Me lead, Tony Lormor, led an 8-session programme at De Aston School across an 8 week period.

The programme was designed around the wants and desires of the school for their pupils. The initial sessions  were to introduce the reasons why we're working together and to get them to start working as a team. By the end of the programme, students delivered a Dragons Den style pitch to their teacher and head of year. 

This is the plan we put together: 

Day 1 - Athlete's story; videos; psychometric profiles

Tony spoke about his life story and the struggles he's had to overcome in both sport and personal life. This was interpersed with inspiring videos from other athletes. Students were then asked how they best took in information to help them progress - Tony's premier league manager friend does this with all of his players. 

Day 2 - Nutrition; sleep; profile wheel

This session involved looking at the importance of looking after yourself and understanding what they do in their daily lives. Students then looked into what barriers they must overcome and how we could help with this. 

Day 3 - Team building games

Students were introduced to several games to help evolve their team building skills. This session was to prepare them for the group challenge the following week. 

Day 4 - Group challenge

A full team task that got the students to work together to pass the challenge. This tested their planning, resilience and team work skills. 


Day 5 - Kelvin Batey story; Stephen Murray video; bucket list

To re-focus the students after a break, Tony showed a couple more inspiring stories from athletes. They then proceeded to write a bucket list for themselves and discussed what they had decided with the rest of the group.

Day 6 - Careers/finance

This session went through the different career opportunities available, talking about ideas students had and what goals they were setting to try and acheive their desired career. Tony also went through the key necessities and life skills needed to help them in life. 

Day 7 - Dragons Den prep

Students were split into smaller groups, ready to create their Dragons Den style presentation. They planned, gathered information and created a presentation based around all that they had learnt over the past sessions. This included target setting, possible obstacles and how they would combat them, finances and team work. 

Day 8 - Dragons Den presentation

A panel, made up of Tony, their teacher and head of year, was put together for the students to share their ideas with, highlighting the progress they have acheived since first starting the workshop. Each got the chance to explain their findings and be questioned by the panel just like the TV show, Dragons Den. 

Throughout the programme, Tony also did 1-to-1 sessions with each student to find out a little bit more about them and the areas they may need extra help with. 

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