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Motivation & Team Building at Harper Adams University

Ex-footballer and Aspire 2 Me lead, Tony Lormor, led a 2 session workshop based around motivation and team building at Harper Adams University for 6th form students. 

Session 1:

For the first session, 65 students from a local 6th form listened to an inspirational talk from Tony before moving on to a motivational activity. They started off with target setting and the importance of realistic goals to succeed. This was done through a series of sports activities where students were given small bits of information for each activity they took part in.

The aim of this was to see if the more information they had allowed them to make a more informed decision on their set target. Once they had tried each activity and received all the information, they were asked to re-do the challenges to try and beat their previous scores, using all the information they has learnt. 

Session 2:

This session was made up of a group of 40 students from another local 6th form and was mainly focused around team building. Tony set up several activities and split the group into 2 teams so that they could compete against each other.

The activities were designed so that each group had to plan, design, practice and then execute their skills to try and beat the other team. The key skills that were used in this session was communication and team work, showing the students how success in a group can only be acheived if they worked well as a team. 

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