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NCS Experience in Brighton


- 3 X 1 Day sessions

 - Each day was 3 x 2-hour group sessions

 - Working with groups ranging from 15 to 45 young people per session

 - Each session compromised of a 45-minute talk

 - The remainder of the session was built around team building, leadership and communication skills

The Experience:

Having just completed the Brighton National Citizen Service (NCS) programme, the feedback from the staff and the young people on the course was excellent. The sessions were built around a 45-minute motivational talk and Q&A session. The remainder of the 2-hour session was around team building, leadership and communication skills.

The questions from the young people were of a high level and I felt the talks had really hit a cord with them. I remember one guy came back to me and said that he hadn’t spoke to his Dad in a few days and in his lunch break he had called his Dad, just to say hello.

The activities are designed to test the patience, resilience and teamwork of every young person. Each session also acts as a mini competition, with the winning teams receiving a prize. Although each game/activity seems quite irrelevant, every group and team members end up giving their all and to see their progression is quite amazing. When you dangled the prospect of a box of sweets for the winning team, it’s amazing to see how the winning mentality comes out.

During all of the sessions the young people have talked and discussed areas around mental health, personal issues, sporting injuries and how to take the next step with in their careers and lives. 

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